Nano Silver Fluoride – A potential non-invasive solution to treat dental caries

Abstract :

Dental decay is one of the paediatric disorders requiring early intervention and can lead to tooth loss if not treated. Antimicrobial medicines work by altering the nature of pathogenic microorganisms in dental biofilms to reduce cariogenic activity. When fluoride is mixed with silver, which has an antibacterial effect, its antimicrobial efficiency is boosted. Silver diamine Fluoride has been shown to aid in the prevention of tooth decay, with the only drawback being an unsightly black discoloration. Silver nanoparticles with an appropriate surface range and a huge proportion of surface atoms have attracted attention due to their distinguishing characteristics. Although Silver diamine Fluoride has altered dentin collagen shape and Nano silver fluoride has normal collagen fibrils, both show intrafibrillar remineralization. Nano silver fluoride is a topical agent which can be safely, and cost-effectively applied to children for treating dental caries

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