Carrying capacity of Urban Transportation Networks: A case study of designed ideal city:

Shruti Xess

School of Sustainability, XIM University, Bhubaneswar, India, 752050,

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Akshey Bhargava

Ex. Member Secretary, Rajasthan Pollution Control Board, Jaipur, Professor and industrial adviser,CEPT University, Ahmadabad, India,

Corresponding Author:

Abstract :

With the rapid growth of urbanization, the population coupled with economy of most cities not only in India but globally is going through significant changes. One of the significant changes is relating to the fast development of transportation infrastructures in these areas which gives rise to a quick change on the travel behaviours. Changing life style along with the city’s expansion, increasing population growth in urban areas and vehicular growth demand the design of new transportation system which is capable of meeting the free flow of traffic by assessing the carrying capacities of road network to accommodate increasing growth of vehicles on a time scale. Carrying capacity is a commonly used concept to represent the maximum flows that can pass through the roads without traffic congestion in transportation system. The authors of the present paper have designed a hypothetical ideal city having population of 10000 people with projected population up to year 2051 and corresponding estimation of increased vehicles through well-defined methods. The authors have also designed the road network to accommodate estimated vehicles to ensure free flow of traffic without any congestion by assessing the carrying capacity of such road network through compatible simulation models.

  • Transportation Networks ,
  • Roads carrying capacity ,
  • Ideal City ,

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