Potential Of Reduction Of Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions In The Thar Desert By Kheemp (Leptadenia Pyrotechnia) Conservation Based Carbon Farming

Authors : Dr.AMIT KUMAR VYAS(B.H.M.S.)



Corresponding Author: amitprahladvyas@yahoo.com

Abstract :

Due to the climate change happening on the earth, the immunity of both humans and animals is decreasing along with this the plants are also getting affected. The main reason for which is the continuous increase in the temperature of the earth. The main reason for the increase in temperature is anthropogenic action, due to which carbon dioxide is emitted in high quantity in the atmosphere and this generates greenhouse effect. Due to the excessive emission of carbon dioxide, frequent changes in the climate are happening very fast and their ill effects are clearly visible. Due to this, the frequency of natural disasters is also increasing and their area is also increasing, due to which the biodiversity is also being lost. Because only natural plants have the amazing ability to prevent negative changes in the climate and adjust by absorbing carbon dioxide emitted in large quantities. In this sequence, there is an urgent need to implement the possibilities of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by cultivating carbon farming from the dry shrub Kheemp (Lepatadenia pyrotechnica), which is found abundantly in the Thar Desert.

  • Carbon Dioxide ,
  • Thar Desert ,
  • Leptadenia Pyrotechnia ,
  • Conservation
  • Carbon Farming

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