The Power Of Precision A Critical Evaluation Of Psychometric Properties Of Scales In Business Research

ISBN Number : 978-93-92104-88-6 || Published :October 2023



Eric BINDAH, Academic, University of Mauritius.

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In this book, an assessment of psychometric properties of scales used in consumer behaviour research is made. It looks into the study area of factors that are most likely to influence individuals to consume product and services. An evaluation of various instruments commonly utilized by researchers and academics in this field of research is discussed.
The book contains eight units and explores several concepts and theories in the area of consumer socialization before making an evaluation of the different research instruments. Psychometric properties refer to the validity and reliability of the measurement tool. Before being able to state that a questionnaire has excellent psychometric properties, meaning a scale is both reliable and valid, it must be evaluated extensively, hence leading to its importance in research.
The purpose of this book is to provide some insights and assessment of various instruments commonly used by researchers in the area of consumer behaviour, which ultimately leads to consumption among consumers. In order for the reader to be able to apply the basic ideas of psychometric theory to actual data sets of relevance, this book aims to introduce such ideas. Its goal is not to turn readers to become measurement experts, but rather to give them the confidence and knowledge they need to better understand and participate in the research process.

  • Measurement properties;,
  • Reliability,
  • Validity;,
  • Consumer,
  • Socialization,
  • socialization agents,
  • socialization theories and models,
  • psychometric properties of instruments.,
Author Details:

Eric BINDAH is an Academic at the University of Mauritius.
He obtained his Ph.D in Business Administration (Marketing) from University of Malaya | Certified PhD Supervisor (Stellenbosch, S.A) | G.D.L/ C.P.E (Central Lancashire, School of Justice, U.K) | M.B.A, International Business (Malaya, KL, M'sia) | B.A Hons, Marketing (Northumbria, U.K)| PGCertHE (UoM, MU) | H.N.D, Business (Edexcel, U.K) | Adv. Dip & Dip (Language, FR), (French Min. of Edu, FR) | D.F.P.A (Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry, FR) | MCIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing, U.K) | Member of The Honourable Society of Middle Temple | Inn of Court (London, U.K). He has published books and numerous academic articles in international refereed journals and has participated as speakers in various conferences both nationally and internationally in the area of management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and law.


"The Power of Precision" delves deep into what drives consumer choices. With eight insightful units, this book explores consumer socialization and evaluates research instruments, focusing on psychometric properties like reliability and validity.
Discover the secrets of reliable research as we demystify complex concepts. We extend our gratitude to scholars, researchers, and practitioners who shaped this multidisciplinary field. Join us on this journey to make informed decisions and drive change in the marketplace.
Uncover the power behind consumer behaviour research—get ready to transform your perspective with "The Power of Precision."

Who is This Book For?

For researchers, students, and professionals seeking to master the psychometric intricacies of consumer behavior research, 'The Power Of Precision' is your indispensable guide. Uncover the tools to elevate your research and drive informed decisions in the world of business.

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