Aim & Scope

Technoarete Journal on Advances in E-commerce and E-business (TJAEE) focus on various recent research and advances in the area of e-commerce and e-business, with the marathon growth in the usage of Internet and World Wide Web, the method of buying, selling and making cast transaction has been revolutionized. With the increased usage of internet facilities people have very free access to use the amount of Information and services available across the globe. The journal invites original research articles, empirical and experimental investigation and various topics of E-business- big data analysis, data monetization strategies, digital business model, e- Healthcare,various Strategies and ethics of e-business. E business system integration strategy, e-customer relationship management, mobile commerce, intelligent agents Technologies and its impact on e business, collaborative product development, new Business models, electronic business assets, virtual business, financing e business, online consumer behaviour, digital economy, e-Procurement methods, E-value chain.

This journal also focuses on inviting research articles in various topic of e-commerce financial information system, Global E-Commerce security and trust in e-commerce, e-services and technologies, online fraud detection, electronic payment system, virtual Electronic Commerce system, secure electronic fund transfer, workflow in e commerce applications, virtual communication,web portal Technologies, social media and e-commerce.

Technoarete Journal on Advances in E-commerce and E-business (TJAEE) include but are not confined to the following topics:
  1. 1. Global E-commerce
  2. 2. Security in E-commerce
  3. 3. E- commerce and Human resource management
  4. 4. E-commerce management strategies
  5. 5. Strategic E-commerce Management
  6. 6. E- services and technologies
  7. 7. Mobile commerce and its management
  8. 8. Virtual reality and e-commerce
  9. 9. Online fraud reduction
  10. 10. Auctioning over the internet
  11. 11. Coordination Strategies for e-commerce
  12. 12. Customer relationship management in e-commerce
  13. 13. Middleware in e commerce
  14. 14. Multi channel selling
  15. 15. Digital product management
  1. 16.E- banking business model
  2. 17.E-business standardization
  3. 18.Outsourcing and e-business Technologies
  4. 19.Virtual organisation
  5. 20.E- procurement methods
  6. 21.Collaborative product development
  7. 22.E business Strategies and ethics
  8. 23.Semantic web and e business
  9. 24.Financing e business
  10. 25.Valuing a business assets
  11. 26.Atomic business model
  12. 27.E- business process modelling and simulation strategies
  13. 28.Economics of e business
  14. 29.E- Payment market
  15. 30.E- Healthcare