Aim & Scope

Technoarete Transactions on Economics and Business Systems(TTEBS) is a peer-reviewed international journal aimed at serving as a forum for intellectual platforms for scientists, academicians, and researchers to disseminate their research findings on the latest development of international Economics and business. The journal aims to cover micro and macroeconomics, health economics international economics, investment strategies for economic development, various empirical studies and various empirical studies and experimental methods pertaining to investment theories, FDI, Banking are also to be covered under the scope of this journal, research related to real estate business insurance services and policies, trade agreement and policies are also welcomed in this journal various, business communication mechanism among difficult cultures human resources management operational management negotiation strategies among different business cultures, political Economics, investigations related to world trade organization and trade organization business are also covered under the scope spectrum of this journal.

The Journal Publishes Original Papers Including But Not Limited To The Following Fields
  1. 1. Microeconomics
  2. 2. Macroeconomics
  3. 3. Health And Behavioural Economics
  4. 4. Business Risk Management
  6. 6. Theoretical economics
  7. 7. Studies on sustainable economies
  8. 8. Service science and management
  9. 9. Investment strategies business lawg
  10. 10. Business law
  1. 11. Marketing strategies
  2. 12. Globalization
  3. 13. Human Resource Management
  4. 14. Operational management
  5. 15. International economics
  6. 16. Cross cultural business communication mechanism
  7. 17. Real estate business
  8. 18. Insurance services and policies
  9. 19. Trading policies and agreement
  10. 20. Cross cultural business leadership strategies