Technoarete Transactions on Entrepreneurship and International Business (TTEIB) is an International peer reviewed, open access journal aiming to publish high quality original research, review articles, short communications, case reports, technical notes and editorials. This journal is started in the year 2022 and the publication language is English. We offer a wide range of knowledge on new trends and advances that contribute significantly to further the scientific knowledge related to Entrepreneurship and International Business research. The journal also includes various fields of research on Entrepreneurship and International Business- Government policy on entrepreneurship, Indigenous Self-employment, Informal Self-employment, Corporate entrepreneurship, Real estate, International trade, Cross-cultural Management, Supply chain Management, E- commerce, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship theories, Family business entrepreneurship, Gender and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial behavior, Entrepreneurial finance and much more. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for authors all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments and contribute through their research and scholarly outputs without any subscription fee. The journal creates resources for academic experts, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business people, consultants,and policy makers and aims to publish the most complete and reliable information on discoveries and current developments in the field of Entrepreneurship and International Business. The journal publishes articles two times a year (Bi-Annual). You can download the format for submitting the paper from the Manuscript Template.

The Journal Publishes Original Papers Including But Not Limited To The Following Fields
  1. 1. Entrepreneurial Policies
  2. 2. Indigenous Self-employment
  3. 3. Informal Self-employment
  4. 4. Real estate Business
  5. 5. International trade
  6. 6. Cross-cultural Management
  7. 7. Supply chain Management
  8. 8. E- commerce
  9. 9. Venture Capital
  10. 10. Entrepreneurship theories
  11. 11. Family business entrepreneurshipv
  12. 12. Gender and entrepreneurship
  13. 13. Entrepreneurial behaviour
  14. 14. Entrepreneurial Finance
  15. 15. Social entrepreneurship
  16. 16. International entrepreneurshipl
  1. 17. Entrepreneurship Strategy
  2. 18. Innovation Economics
  3. 19. New venture creation and Growth strategies
  4. 20. Entrepreneurial Knowledge generation and retention
  5. 21. Entrepreneurial Cooperation and networking
  6. 22. Brand management
  7. 23. Service Marketing
  8. 24. Network Marketing
  9. 25. Business Risk Management
  10. 26. Market Risks
  11. 27. Network Innovation
  12. 28. Business Innovation
  13. 29. Service Innovation
  14. 30. Regional entrepreneurship
  15. 31. Entrepreneurial Venues
  16. 32. Green entrepreneurship