Aim & Scope

Technoarete Transactions on Language and Linguistics (TTLL) is a double-blind peer reviewed open-access International Journal published by Technoarete Publishing. This journal aims to serve as a platform for academicians, research scholars and linguistic experts around the globe to share the knowledge and research findings in the fields of language ,literature and linguistics.The journal welcomes research articles from various subfields of English Language and Linguistics- sounds of words of English, Languages signs and symbols, Transcriptions, Historical linguistics,Origin of English Language, Phonology, Experimental Linguistics, Sentence structure, British Literature, American Literature, Figurative Language, Professional Writing, Creative Writing, Critical Writing, Comparative Linguistics and Language Acquisition.

The Journal aims to publish research articles, review article, and research summaries pertaining to Philology, Semiotics, Neurolinguistics, Linguistics Typology, Morphology, Orthography,Text Linguistics, Stylistics, Psycholinguistics, Semantics, Lexicology, Corpuslingusitics, Dialectology, Grammar, Disclosure Analysis, Forensic Linguistics, Etymology, Inter-Linguistics, Language Didactics, Propaganda, Advertising, Sexism, Genderlect, Newspaper, TV and Radio, Women in Literature, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics, Language Education and Teaching.

Related Topics
  1. 1. Sounds of words od English Language
  2. 2. Signs and Symbols
  3. 3. Transcriptions
  4. 4. Historical linguistics
  5. 5.Origin of English Language
  6. 6.Sentence structure
  7. 7. British Literature
  8. 8. American Literature
  9. 9.Figurative Language
  10. 10.Professional Writing
  11. 11. Creative Writings
  12. 12. Comparative Linguistics
  13. 13. Language Acquisition
  14. 14. Philology
  15. 15. Semiotics
  16. 16.Neurolinguistics
  17. 17.Linguistics Typology
  18. 18.Morphology
  1. 19.Orthography
  2. 20.Text Linguistics
  3. 21.Stylistics
  4. 22.Psycholinguistics
  5. 23.Semantics
  6. 24.Lexicology
  7. 25.Corpus Linguistics
  8. 26.Dialectology
  9. 27.Grammar
  10. 28.Disclosure Analysis
  11. 29.Forensic Linguistics
  12. 30.Inter-Linguistics
  13. 31.Language Didactics
  14. 32.Newspaper
  15. 33.Women in Literature
  16. 34.Film and Literature
  17. 35.Sociolinguistics
  18. 36.Computational Linguistics