The Place of Reading in the Growth Learning a Language

R. Ramya1, Dr.Ruby Ebenezar2

TTLL 2024 January; 3(1): 1–3. Published online 2024 January

Abstract : Reading skills refer to an individual's ability to read, understand, interpret, and decipher written language and writings. Proficient reading skills are advantageous for understanding and reacting to written communications such as emails, messages, letters, and other written correspondence. Utilizing reading abilities in the workplace is crucial for facilitating clear textual communication and reducing the likelihood of miscommunication or misinterpretation of expectations. Reading skills involve various components such as comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and methods that aid readers in interpreting and understanding texts. Some individuals perceive reading as a simple activity that is uncomplicated to become proficient in. Reading is a multifaceted activity that relies on various talents. These skills culminate in the primary objective of reading: reading comprehension, which is the ability to understand the content.

Keyword : Fluency, Lexicon, Syntax, Vocabulary, Decoding, Encoding, Proficiency

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