The audience of IJPSI includes a wide range of community of medical science professionals, pharma scientist, biological scientist and healthcare researchers. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation will accept articles that focus on baccalaureate and higher degree medical and pharma education, healthcare research, policy related to education and practice partnerships. Getting an article published in TTADSA offer and help aspiring authors convert good ideas into published work. TTADSA audience encompasses a cross section of;

  1. Pharmacist
  2. Clinicians
  3. Academicians
  4. Pharmaceutical Scientist
  5. Clinical Pharmacist
  6. Pharmacy Students
  7. Pre-registration Trainees
  8. Community/Hospital Pharmacist
  9. Regulatory Pharmacist
  10. Life Science Scientist
  11. Health Policy Makers
  12. Medical Professionals
  13. Healthcare Professionals,