Guidelines for Bulk Publications

Guidelines to Institutes for bulk publication

The selected research articles from college/university to be submitted to Technoarete for publishing in SCOPUS Indexed, Web of Science, UGC Care, SCI/ESCI, Google Scholar Journals.

Technoarete will publish the research/review articles in Special Issue/Regular Issue depending upon the requirement of the Institution/University.

Technoarete will publish the articles in open access journals with nominal article processing fees, depending upon the journal.

Technoarete will establish a system for an effective and rapid double blind peer review process.

Making editorial decisions with reasonable speed and communicating them in a clear and constructive manner.

Organizing and managing the submission, assessment, review and editorial processes for publishing in thejournal.

Publication Norms

Plagiarized articles are strictly unacceptable (Plagiarism Must be 10% excluding references).

Copied contents from other articles are prohibited.

Agreement should be confidential and to be followed accordingly.

Publication may delay on the basis of Journal Maintenance.

Review reports have to be answered by the author accurately.

Malpractice will not be encouraged.

The Publisher reserves the right to reject paper and require payment against acceptance letters as well.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoices.

Acceptance and Rejection is purely of Journal Decision.

Technoarete is purely responsible for only publication of papers in respective journals and Indexing part only guidance and standby support will be provided.

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