Emerging Trends in Oral Health Sciences and Dentistry

ISBN Number :978-93-92104-02-2

Dr. Antonio Coppel G, Dr Tarulatha Shyagali, Dr Deepak Bhayya
Published on December 2022
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Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

ISBN Number : 978-93-92104-06-0

Dr.S.Balamurugan, CEng. Radhey Shyam Meena Dr.Ramasamy V
Copyright : 2022 | Status : Published

DOI: 10.36647/AAIMLH/2022.01.Book1

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Smart Environmental Science, Technology and Management

Proceedings of 7th GoGreen Summit 2021

ISBN Number : 978-93-92106-02-6

Dr Sunita Singh, Dr Mohammed Aurifullah
Published on April 2022

Present your research works in the field of environmental science and its allied field.

  • Provides original works presented at 7th GoGreen Summit 2021 held virtually.
  • Serves as a reference for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.
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