Aim & Scope

Technoarete Transactions on Climate Change and Disaster Management Research aims to exchange research findings on issues in climate variations, reasons, effects and methods to handle the complexities arising from climate change . Global warming is another important issue covered under the scope of the journal. Journal aims to provide an interdisciplinary, approaches to solve the problems of global warming and its harmful complications, also the effect of climate change that is reflected in the natural resources and human race are also to be covered authors will have an opportunity to publish on social economical basic science and policy research and other initiatives to facilitate the effects of climate variations . Also, latest research aspects of greenhouse gas emissions estimates and their effects on the sustainable world protecting future generations and preventing any harm to the current generation environment and ecosystem due to climate change. The scope covers various important aspects of climate change on natural environment paleoclimatology. Becomes and biozones ,regional variations , global changes and various anthropogenic factors . Also the role of humans as an agent in climate change and its impact capacity building, human system public and private interest in taking responsibility for protecting the environment which in turn affects climate change, is also covered in this journal.

Related Topics
  1. 1. Impact of climate change
  2. 2. Greenhouse gases emission and control
  3. 3. Sustainable development and climate systems.
  4. 4. Climate change information communication
  5. 5. Global warming
  6. 6. Climate change and risk assessment
  7. 7. Environmental pollution and climate change
  8. 8. Water sustainability and climate change
  9. 9. Ecosystem function and services
  10. 10. Agricultural sustainability and climate change
  11. 11. Studies in paleoclimatology
  1. 13. Urban sustainability and climate changeg
  2. 14. Disaster management caused due to climate change
  3. 15. Terrestrial ecosystem
  4. 16. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  5. 17. Impact of climate change on cryosphere
  6. 18. International between land ,Environmental system ,climate change ,ecosystem function and service
  7. 19. Becomes and biozones.
  8. 20. Environmental policies and anthropogenic factors affecting global climate change
  9. 21. Human impacts and responsibilities towards climate change
  10. 22. Science, technology, political and social responses to climate change.