Guide for Authors

Those who wish to acquire an idea of the acceptable format for manuscripts at the TTIDMKD journal can download an MS Word template of the necessary format by clicking on the 'Manuscript Template -Download' found under the 'Instruction for Authors' section in the left-hand side panel of the TTIDMKD journal website.

Authors wishing to submit their manuscripts to be considered for publication by the TTIDMKD journal are kindly requested to send in their manuscripts to the following email address -, or from the TTIDMKD journal website by clicking on the 'Online Paper Submission' option. Authors are requested to ensure that their manuscripts strictly adhere to the formatting guidelines of the TTIDMKD journal, mentioned in the 'Manuscript Template -Download' document.

The TTIDMKD journal has a double-blind peer review system that helps in ensuring that it serves as a high-quality platform with a completely transparent research article review system for intellectuals and researchers (involving in diverse specializations within Data Mining) from across the globe, for those who wish to make their groundbreaking research work and outcomes, known worldwide.

Manuscripts are accepted for publication at the TTIDMKD journal, with the understanding that :
  1. 1. They have never been published or been sent to any other journal to be considered for publication. To this effect, authors are required to fill in and submit copyright forms for each of the research articles that they have submitted for publication at the TTIDMKD journal. Details such as the author's name, qualification, university/institution, and email ID, have to be mentioned along with all manuscripts submitted to the TTIDMKD journal.
  2. 2. Our primary focus at the TTIDMKD journal right now is solely on publishing authentic research studies, review papers, and short communications. Authors are requested to adhere to the formatting guidelines prescribed in the 'Manuscript Template -Download' document and submit their manuscripts either by emailing them to or by following the online paper submission process on the TTIDMKD journal website. In addition, authors are requested to submit their articles accompanied by duly signed copyright forms after scanning them and attaching them. The Copyright form and the Paper Template can be downloaded from the TTIDMKD journal website.
  3. 3. All the authors of a manuscript will be held equally responsible by the various authorities concerned, for the contents of their manuscripts. The TTIDMKD journal and its Editor-in-chief or editorial/reviewing committee will not be held liable in any shape or form for the contents of a manuscript as well as the views, theories, concepts, and arguments elucidated therein.
  4. 4. With regards to the publication of manuscripts, the decision of the Editor-in-Chief of the TTIDMKD journal is final and non-appealable. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to -
  5. ● request an editorial revision of any accepted manuscript, and
  6. ● put a restriction on the number of pages, tables, and figures,
  7. 5. Every manuscript that is submitted to the TTIDMKD journal to be considered for publication will be allocated a unique Paper ID no. (such as TTIDMKD_Paper_XXXX). Authors are requested to include this unique ID for their manuscript in all their communications and emails with the TTIDMKD journal, especially when submitting the revised versions of their manuscripts (after making all the changes suggested by the reviewing committee).
  8. 6. File Type : When it comes to the required file type for manuscripts when submitted them to be considered for publication at the TTIDMKD journal, authors are requested to stick to the following file types -
  9. ● Single-Column MS Word format, or
  10. ● Adobe PDF format.
  11. 7. File Size : Unless absolutely necessary, authors are requested not to exceed the prescribed limit of 20 pages for their manuscripts. Authors will be required to provide suitable substantiation for any breaches of this 20-page limit for their submitted manuscripts. When it comes to manuscripts that are submitted online via the TTIDMKD journal website, the file size for a manuscript should not exceed 20 MB, while, for those manuscripts that are submitted as attachments via emails, the file size for a manuscript should not exceed 25 MB.
  12. 8. Article Processing Charges : As far as the article processing charges in an open-access journal such as the TTIDMKD journal are concerned, the publication costs are borne by the author's supporting institution or paid from the author's research budget, in the form of Article Processing Charges. It is only through these Article Processing Charges (which make up for Subscription Charges) that an open-access journal such as TTIDMKD is able to offer full-text access for every one of its published articles for free-of-cost to all its readers. Additionally, authors who manage to get their research articles published in open-access journals such as TTIDMKD, retain the copyright to their work, as this work is released under the provisions of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This license enables unrestricted use, distribution as well as the reproduction of an article in any medium, provided the article includes all necessary and due citations.

NOTE: We request authors to note that once their manuscripts have been accepted by the authorities in charge of reviewing and editing submitted manuscripts at the TTIDMKD journal, they cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.

The Editorial Board of the TTIDMKD journal, therefore, advises all authors to prevent from submitting articles to any other journal simultaneously to submitting them to TTIDMKD.