Please click 'Submit Article or Online paper submission' on the journal's home page and directly access the submission portal used by that journal.

The TTASSH journal is an open access journal wherein there would be an Article Processing Charge (APC) to be paid by the author or his/her funding institution. Consequently, the article can be freely read, downloaded, or distributed from TTASSH.org and the website link by any internet user.

Yes, you can publish your manuscript on the journal as it is an open access journal.

Yes, it is an open access journal.

Yes, it is a double blind peer-reviewed journal.

TTASSH is a Quarterly journal, issued four times a year.

Yes, you can submit more than one paper at a time.

You can submit your research paper in the Online paper submission portal of the journal or send an email to editor@technoarete.org

TTASSH uses the Turnitin software for plagiarism check.

TTASSH provides a quicker service than traditional journals, without compromising the quality of the peer review process. The peer review process would be done within a four week’s time or less for most manuscripts.

Yes, TTASSH has developed a template for preparing a manuscript, you can download the template from Manuscript Template -Download in instruction for authors.

The manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word.

You can check the article status by logging into your journal account, and you will receive the status of the mail within four weeks.

Depending upon the number of research papers in queue, it usually takes four weeks for the peer review process.

The scope of the journal is available on the journal's website. Please visit the journal’s website and click on ‘Aim and Scope’ tab for it.

No, you need to send the full paper for the review process.

Paper ID is a Unique Identification Code provided to your submitted Manuscript. You must always mention the Paper ID during any communication with us.

No, unless your article is not rejected by TTASSH, you would be bound by an undertaking that the article submitted by you is not published or submitted for publication in any other journal than TTASSH.

The review of articles is done through a double-blind peer review. All the articles received by TTASSH are sent to Review Committee members after deleting the name of the Author and Country to have an unbiased opinion about the research.

The maximum number of pages allowed per paper is 4 to 12.

Yes, please visit journal website and click to ‘Instruction for Author’

Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at editor@technoarete.org. We would be happy to serve you better.