Volume 1 Issue 2 - August 2022

Research Articles

A Comparative Analysis on the Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing and Developed Nations

John Mark R. Asio1 Arun Nema2

TTCCDMR. 2022 August; 1(2): 1-9. Published online 2022 August
A study on the effects of sea level rise across the world

Dr.P.Muthupriya1 Ajim Shabbir Sutar2

TTCCDMR. 2022 August; 1(2): 10-17. Published online 2022 August
Role of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Affect Families and Communities in Developing Nations

Arun Nema1 Dr.P.Muthupriya 2

TTCCDMR. 2022 August; 1(2): 18-25. Published online 2022 August
The Impact of Disasters and Climate Change on Migration and Displacement

Dr. Jaymund M. Floranza1 John Mark R. Asio 2

TTCCDMR. 2022 August; 1(2): 27-34. Published online 2022 August
The Political Economy of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Policy: A Review

Ajim Shabbir Sutar 1 Dr. Jaymund M. Floranza2

TTCCDMR. 2022 August; 1(2): 35-42. Published online 2022 August