Application of Time Series Analysis for Better Decision Making in Business

Dr. T. Nadana Ravishankar 1 , Dr Komarasamy G2

TTIDMKD. 2022 November; 2(4): 22-27. Published online 2022 November

Abstract : The research study discusses the relevance of “time series analysis” applications that will help an organisation to understand business growth. The present study affects an individual’s knowledge that ensures the research's relevance. The present study focuses on several business metrics that have used to discuss the effectiveness of time series. The researcher has also focused on an appropriate methodology that increases knowledge of the research study by adopting a research design, type, approach, and others. The study chooses a secondary qualitative data analysis method that affected the entire research study. Accessing through time series of analytical approach processes manage to process through an effective decision-making range is essential to provide effective decisions and its courses through the systematic process of review. The benefits of time series analysis personal concepts of series resources and its importance through the decision-making range are essential. A systematic approach in businesses access through proposed factors in business beneficial range and attribution of specific concepts helps to organize this aspect. A systematic source of decision-making range provides optimization of proposed business provides concepts of business making process. Accessing through the kinetic model summary has been provided in terms of beneficial business courses.

Keyword : Decisions, systematic, Time series analysis.

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