Cybersecurity using Data Mining Techniques

Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Jain 1 , Joey G. Fernando2

TTIDMKD. 2022 November; 2(4): 12-16. Published online 2022 November

Abstract : The study is based on the cyber security using data mining in a certain manner and all the insights have been taken from reliable resources which are related to the subject matter. At the beginning of the following article, the, the introduction has been served over the following topic of the cyber security and data mining in business. Also, in the following context, several kinds of materials and methods have been selected and evaluated to bring betterment in the study. The cross-sectional research design, inductive approach, secondary data have been selected by following the qualitative method. At the beginning, the data mining and cyber security have been represented with sheer elaboration and then the importance of data mining techniques within the business has been illustrated within a certain manner. After this, different kinds of usages of data mining techniques like detecting malwares, intrusions and virus attacks have been depicted in a certain norm of data mining techniques. Later on, the following study has been evaluated with the help of proper and authentic interpretation of the rate of cyber security within a business.

Keyword : Cyber security, data mining techniques, data mining, malware.

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